From the Gallery – Welcome to the Gallery

Welcome to the gallery–the spot to find out all about the latest doings of the AUSU council. I can hear the wheels spinning now. Hold on, you might be thinking. doesn’t AUSU already have a regular column in The Voice?

They do, and It’s called AUSU This Month. That’s the place where council shares news, updates, and information that may be of interest to AU students; for instance, their investigation into the Coalition for Student Loan Fairness to figure out whether participation would benefit AUSU members.

The Gallery, on the other hand, will give you an up-close look at council meetings from a student’s point of view. If You’re a member of AUSU, You’re invited to all the meetings, and you can check out the ways that your council members are working for you (just email to get the latest meeting date and dial-in number). But since AU students lead really busy lives, sometimes you probably just can’t make it.

That’s why I’ll be sitting in and checking out what goes on when council gets together. I’ll give you a brief rundown of what policies might be up for change, and how the idea of an AUSU radio broadcast is coming along (betcha didn’t know about that one). If you want to know a little more about who the councillors are, you can read all about them in the bios on the AUSU website at

For now, there isn’t a lot to report. Council met on June 8 for the Annual General Meeting, where they approved the minutes of the 2006 AGM, reviewed the annual financial statements, and generally wrapped things up.

Their next meeting is going to be on July 23, and I’ll be there to check it out and bring you news of everything that happens. See you in the Gallery.