Click On This – Oddjects

Someone told me that what you should get for the person who’s got everything is antibiotics. I, however, prefer a little more levity with my gift giving.

Hand Soap

Who says soap has to look like a cake of Camay or seashells that collect dust on the bathroom windowsill?


Interior decor need not be functional alone. Why not this little gem for the night-light-loving soul in your life?

Eureka Shower Curtain

If the item above didn’t make you think “Eureka!? this one surely will.

Wake Me Up At . . .

For all you Londoners who nap on the tube, perhaps one or two of these will be of some use to you so you don’t miss your work stop in the morning.


Planning to spend a lot of time entertaining this summer? Perhaps some of the tidbits here would be handy, for yourself or the hostess who entertains you.

Giant Pencil

I bet this little item would last through an entire AU degree’s worth of note taking!

Life in Miniature

Sandcastles, origami, golf, tennis, and so many more, in this wonderful collection of desktop-suitable gifts for anyone you want to get a little something for.