Click On This – Living Arrangements

Sometimes, in the name of function and functional, we forget the form. Just because we are required to sleep, sit, and store everything we own, doesn’t mean it has to be milk crates and two-by-fours.


Everything from the seats we sit on to the places where we keep the books we read while sitting, and the lights we use to read the books by. Some truly beautiful items to decorate your life and home.


Living isn’t just a matter of staying indoors alone; sometimes it’s the outdoors, and the playing about in the great world beyond our home walls?or even the backyard home away from home.

Tree Trunk Table

The name of the modern living game is reduce, reuse, recycle. So, if that trunk just has to come out of the yard, why not keep it for another purpose?

Real Simple Furniture

With all the world’s beautiful complexity, sometimes the simple things are best.

Foldschool: Cardboard Furniture

And if you’re after the almost absurdly simple and don’t have a lot of money to burn, why not turn some cardboard boxes into something a little more useful than “that stuff that’s taking up all that storage space in the basement”?

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