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Every time I think I’ve seen it all, somebody proves me absolutely wrong, sometimes dumbstruck, but mostly just amazed and delighted at the capacity of the human creature to innovate and create and cause me to think, “Why didn’t I think of that?” or even “I’m so glad I never thought of that.”

Wall-Mountable Wireless Printer

This is an absolute must for the cluttered or small modern office. We tend not to use the space we have available, like going up rather than around or across.

Self-Sustainable Chair

Hideous, but probably really handy during a lengthy mall-haul.

Stonehenge Pocket Watch

Modern convenience combined with ancient technology, this watch will not only tell time, it’s very possible it can even predict the seasons?or an eclipse!

Made In Design

All sorts of goodies from a range of designers. ?Made in Design is dedicated to modern and contemporary design furniture and offers a wide range of decorative products.?


This is one of those things I wish I’d invented myself! ?The CLEVER vehicle is a compact city vehicle for two with a tandem seat constellation. The length is 3066 mm, the width is 998 mm and the height is 1388 mm. The gross weight is less than 400 kg.? It has the appearance of a small, covered human-powered cycle. Fabulous idea!

And just for fun (and having absolutely nothing to do with the above) . . .

Dead or Alive

Just in case you wanted to know who was or who isn’t. There’s a handy little chart that’ll even tell you how much longer you’ve lived than someone else. A little on the creepy side, but still nifty.

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