From Where I Sit – Odds and Ends

Every so often the pile of newspaper clippings, scrawled Post-it notes, and column idea fragments simply need to be dealt with. Well, today’s the day. Please don’t get dizzy as I whip from personal stuff to other-side-of-the-world anomalies, from stuff that may help you to things that may amaze or amuse you.

My husband was one of the 3,000 patients to receive a registered letter suggesting he get blood tested because of the St. Joseph’s Hospital sterilization fiasco. He did, at another hospital. We were both relieved to hear the results were normal. Now the big question is whether or not to join the class-action lawsuit. My first reaction is, this isn’t the States; we’re not litigious. Yet maybe there’s value in asking a few questions. We did get plunged into this situation through no fault of our own.

On the health-related theme, I just received a letter from Capital Health’s Information Access and Privacy Office, advising me that ?some information pertaining to you including your name and birthdate? was in one of the four laptops stolen in May. First of all, I daresay there’s more in there than just my name and birthdate.

Secondly, while they outline the security precautions taken and the belief that the thieves wanted the equipment, not the information, they do advise contacting a provincial department about identity theft. Why in God’s name did it take three months to advise people?

In the ain’t-it-strange category, an Italian mother took away her son’s house keys, cut off his allowance, and dragged him to the police station because he stayed out late. He is 61. You gotta feel for the son. Most of us aren’t willing to give up our lives, freedom, and ambition to live with our parents. We’re used to birdies leaving the nest. Though in some cases, it works: a practical, symbiotic relationship that respects individual interests and boundaries.

A Manitoba doctor is attracting interest from around the world because of a paper titled ?Dignity and the Essence of Medicine.? He’s taken the bold step of suggesting physicians treat patients with kindness and respect. What a revolutionary concept! He suggests doctors re-evaluate their attitudes, behaviour, compassion, and dialogue. A gentle touch on the arm, getting permission before procedures, repeating overwhelming or complex information are all strategies to humanize the process. Amen.

Texas researchers discovered 237 distinct reasons people have sex. From “I was horny” to “I was slumming,” the reasons run the gamut. Some are loving, some are vicious, and others are sad or self-serving. Kind of just makes you grateful for a normal, healthy, loving monogamous relationship.

May these tidbits lead you to read the paper with more detail, Google for more information, shake your head in disbelief, or thank the Lord for an ordinary, predictable life. It’s the least I could do for you, from where I sit.

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