Click On This – Small Packages

They say the best things, even big ones, come in small packages, and those packages can vary in type from the plain cardboard box to the skin we all walk around in.

World’s Smallest Man

I think that one’s self-explanatory.

World’s Smallest Works of Art

I am blown away by this. How could anyone manage to do such fine work?

World’s Smallest Violin

Now, practicing on that would certainly save the nerves of long-suffering parents.

World’s Smallest Car

Not the vehicle to take along to the mall for your next family-sized grocery order pickup!

World’s Smallest Fish

And this won’t be what you’d pick up at the deli counter for the family meal, either.

World’s Smallest Cat

I’m not even sure the world’s smallest fish would be enough of a meal for the very tiny Mr. Peebles.

World’s Smallest Things

Fans, mirrors, pancakes, cupcakes, Nintendo controllers, and so much more. It’s an entire universe of small!