Click On This – Blast From the Past – 1970s

Just when you think some things have finally gone away, or you at least hoped they had, oh no, there they are, right there, on your walls, on your floors, on the bodies of your children. It’s the ?70s, and they’re baaaack.

Wallpaper From the 70s

Sometimes I think the ?70s was a giant acid test, and this kind of wallpaper proves it.

Furniture and Decor of the 70s

Oh, lordy, that flowered bathroom. I don’t think I could function in there.

Elegance After Dark

I saw stuff like that–in “Return From the Planet of the Apes.”


Good heavens; you could house a family of four comfortably in the trunk!

The 70s Preservation Society

Well, it wasn’t all bad, and even if it was, save it anyhow!

In the 70s

Food, clothing, music, and everything ?70s–whether you want to see it or not.

Stuck in the 70s

Yet another in a plethora of sites dedicated to preserving the decade that has been described as the hangover after the party.