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One of the great capacities of the human creature is the expansiveness of our imaginations; not only what we invent with our ceaseless ocean of creativity, but also what uses we put those inventions to. Toys are by no means free from imaginative use; and, in the case of LEGO, it seems that there is indeed no limit to what can be done with something so seemingly simple.


A user-supplied site full to bursting with all manner of creations from the brickyard?bugs, cars, buildings, people, creatures, and more.


This might be the closest any of us come to stardom in the world of film. All brick, all the time!

The Art of the Brick

And who says LEGO must be confined to the constructive arts? Why not the fine arts as well!

Reasonably Clever

All manner of LEGO-oriented goodies, including a bricktionary and a page where you can order custom-styled LEGO people that look just like you! I got one for my grandmother for her birthday; she loved it.


A blog dedicated to the wonder of the brick, and the wonders of the things we create with them.

LEGO Ice Cube Maker

Add some food colouring and you could make little frozen houses!

The Brick Testament

A charming visual relating Biblical material, each verse is depicted with, you guessed it, characters and scenery created with LEGO!

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