From the Gallery – Special General Meeting September 24

From the Gallery – Special General Meeting September 24

This seems to be a week for sharing financial good news (check out the exciting announcement in the AUSU This Month column!) and council’s Special General Meeting on September 24 did just that. After a thorough search, council approved the appointment of the firm of Kingston Ross Pasnak as the AUSU auditors for the 2007/08 fiscal year.

One of the things council was looking for in an auditor was a proactive approach, as well as a firm that had experience with not-for-profit groups. And to ensure good oversight of student union funds, AUSU policies call for council to approve the choice of auditor on an annual basis.

In other council news, a new administrator recently joined the staff. Pam Schellenberger is hard at work in the AUSU office, and is a welcome (and very busy!) addition.

And speaking of the AUSU office, a long-overdue upgrade is in the works to replace the outdated furniture there. The proposal has been in the works since August, and visitors will soon see a bright, professional space representing AUSU.

Finally, councillors have been hard at work updating the AUSU policy manual (all those little details that keep things running smoothly) and updates are complete.