Click On This – Half-Baked

We are compelled by our very natures to certain terrible habits that we cannot avoid–eating, sleeping, that sort of stuff. Filthy, but what can ya do? This week we have some treats; food, and food for the soul.

Hobo Soup

This reminds me of those classic translation troubles English-speaking companies have when they try to market their products in non-English places. Like that time the baby food company famous for putting baby pictures on their product jars tried to market baby food in parts of Africa where the literacy rate was next to nil. See, in that neck of the woods they package things such that what’s in the jar is what’s depicted on the label . . .

The Sneeze / Steve, Don’t Eat It!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, a man who will go out and try that Hobo Soup so you don’t have to! I laughed ?til I stopped. This man has a way with words, and a positive talent for conveying humour. The entire blog “The Sneeze” is well worth a gander, but it is most definitely not safe for children or the easily offended. There’s nothing gross, per se, but he uses some colourful turns of phrase.

Earth Sandwich

“Never before have two pieces of bread been simultaneously placed directly opposite each other on the globe, thus making an Earth Sandwich.”

Jam Sandwiches

As a matter of fact, no, I did not know that ham and strawberry jam go well together.

A Bite To Eat

A very cute snack of a tiny burger, fries, and a soft drink.


For those of us who’d prefer something sweet rather than savoury, here’s a place that’ll make custom ice-cream, packaging, and all that goes with it. I wonder if they can deliver to Canada . . .

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