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Oh what a strange little web we weave, when first we practice . . . art with carrots, sculpture with cardboard, ephemera art, and making our very own photo books. That’s one of the nicest things about the Internet, is how much it lets you play.

Bent Objects

Bent, but not just in oddness. A new take on everyday objects becoming characters before our eyes.


For any of you with a Flickr account, this might be just the way to preserve some of your favourite photos. This site lets you create your very own photo books.

Liverpool University Centre for Poetry and Science

For too long have the arts and sciences walked opposing sides of the street. LUPAS ?is a forum to facilitate discussion about the relationship between those two traditionally opposed subjects, poetry and science.?


A deliciously unique way to combine the technologies of today with traditional materials: create pixel art using wooden blocks. I want one of these myself!


Using pre-installed backgrounds and typefaces, this web tool will take your inputted text and make some very nice typographical art out of it.

Mashed Potato Sculpture Contest

When they told you not to play with your food, maybe this is what they were afraid would happen.

Paper Boxes

Use this web tool to make foldable boxes out of your own chosen images and other artwork.

Blind Boxes

A surprise selection of various ephemera, available in a handsome cigar box. A nice gift for the artist, craftsperson, scrapbook maker, or design enthusiast in your life. I’d love to get my hands on a couple of these.