Click On This – The Place to Be

Sometimes the places that amaze us are right out in the open; known, famous even. Sometimes, though, the most incredible things are those that sneak out of the land of surprise.

The Urban Landscape Project

As the site says, ?there is startling beauty to be found in the most unlikely places.? Why not explore?

Lost Cities

Our histories are filled with the places we’ve been, lived, loved, and then left behind.

World Monuments Watch

What surprises me is not so much what is here, but that which isn’t. Still, a wonderful little exploration tool.

Peculiar Streets Around the World

Like a street so short it only has one address.

The World’s Creepiest Places

Certainly a tad unsettling.


Using GPS technology, why not help your fellow adventurers find the unique and wonderful? Or find a new place to visit yourself.

The Temples of Damanhur

Nestled secretly for many years under an Italian hillside are some of the most incredibly beautiful artistic and architectural triumphs. I want to go to Italy just to visit these places myself. They’re gorgeous.