Click On This – Give It

It’s a time of year when many of us think about how to stuff stockings, pick presents, and get the gift that’ll make the receiver love you forever. If You’re stuck, or want something a little off the beaten track, why not some of the following?

Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

Sadly only comes with six cats. JUST six! That’s not even crazy cat lady in training!

Radioactive Products

Uranium ice cream? Atomic energy lab toy? Heavy-water dispenser? You know you want to; I can see the glow of excitement from here.

Honey I Left it On The Toast

Want to send your loved one a message, but haven’t got a pen and paper handy? Why not leave it on the toast!

The Design Team

The tagline says ?Everday, Different Design,? and they aren’t kidding!

Waste Some Cash

?Premier site for cool gadgets, funny gag gifts, and pranks.? Perfect if You’re the naughty type who likes to trick on Christmas morning, rather than saving it all for Devil’s Night or Halloween. Just remember, Santa can leave coal in your stocking too!

Retro Planet

A little bit of everything from gifts to furniture to toys and more. A nice little blast from the past that might soothe the ruffled feathers of the person you just pulled one of the above gags on.

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