Click On This – One Thousand Words

Not that print cameras are going the way of the dodo bird anytime soon, but the rise of digital cameras gave rise also to droves of new shutterbugs. The Internet gives all of us photo nuts a forum for showcasing our art, or our insanity.

English Russia – Some Not-So-Usual Photos

Well someone’s got an eye for the morbid; and they do this for fun, to boot.

Curiously Incongruous

?Over the past few years I have walked thousands of kilometres through the streets of every part of London photographing what I thought might make interesting photographs. It’s the method I used for teaching myself photography.? I’ll tell you this much: having a camera on you opens your eyes. You look at things differently, and see things you might otherwise pass by without noticing at all.

Urban Exploration

Beauty exists in all things; even the abandoned, the rusted, and the forlorn.

Plastic Bag Gallery

There’s something so charmingly ?trainspotty? about websites like this. I adore them.

Pinhole Resource

A wealth of information for the shutterbug who truly wants to take matters into her own hands, right from scratch.

Chema Madoz

Truly work that embraces the concept of never dismissing anything as a possible subject. It’s a photographic motto I live by myself.

Mystery Meat Microphotography

The above being said, I’m not so sure everything on this earth needs to be documented.


?This site is dedicated to showcasing and promoting the creative side of film-based photography.? I may dig the digital, but film is fabulous too.