Editorial – May the Road Rise to Meet You

As the time draws near to say farewell to 2007, a year of wildfires, the soaring loonie, protests in Burma, and the Conrad Black trial, it naturally follows that we cast our thoughts forward to 2008. Here are some hopes?a few frivolous, most not?for the coming year and what it may bring.

May your passport be current and your line ups be few.

May we finally stop talking and start to take meaningful action before this bountiful planet of ours reaches the tipping point of pollution, wastefulness, and greed.

May the small gains in democracy hold fast?and grow stronger?for the millions who have yet to taste the liberty of basic human rights such as freedom of speech.

May those lottery numbers you’ve been playing for years finally pay off (and may the lottery agent be honest).

May there not be another case like Maher Arar?s.

May all your toys be lead free.

May wireless telephone providers write a contract that the average consumer can understand, and may they finally realize that hidden charges, iron-clad contracts, and poor customer service won’t win them happy, or loyal, customers.

As the credit fallout from the U.S. mortgage fiasco ripples out, may people realize that, just because an institution will allow them enough easy credit to get in over their heads, they don’t have to jump into the shark-infested water.

May you discover that you truly are smarter than a 5th grader.

May George W. Bush finally wrap his tongue around the word ?nuclear.? Please.

May the food, water, and medical supplies so desperately needed by so many in war-torn countries make their way to their destination, and not be commandeered into the hands of warlords and mercenaries.

May the writers of Grey’s Anatomy finally imbue Meredith with some emotional maturity, and stop subjecting viewers to such a whining, ineffectual character.

May the next person who is drunk, angry, or emotionally troubled choose a different course before deciding to take the life of a young Mountie called out alone in a remote post.

May we all find the time to thank just one of the silent army of volunteers who contribute so much to the health of our communities?or even become a volunteer ourselves.

May reality television cease to be a part of our collective reality.

May 2008 bring you health, happiness, and a year of joy.

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