Click On This – Just Do It

It’s no secret that you can do just about anything online these days, but all that variety gets buried under itself. Here are a few things you might have missed.


It’s not so much a do as it is a collection of how to. Drawing tutorials in text and video.


A host of tools of all sorts, from word processing to task scheduling to collaboration, for those of you who might not have access to business-standard applications but who need to interact with those who do.

10 Fast Fingers

These days it can be a real disadvantage if you don’t know how to type, but here’s an easy-to-use online program that’ll walk you through the process of learning to touch type.

Do My Stuff

don’t want to pick up that dry cleaning, walk the dog, or shovel the sidewalk? Here’s a site that can help you find someone who will.

Remember the Milk

And if you do choose to do it all on your own, here’s a task-managing site that’ll help you remember it all.


Another online task-managing solution or list maker.


Make, share, and use any number of personal icons?images about you that tell your story.


A tool that will take any image you input to the site, and return a pattern sheet that you can use for needlepoint, knitting, or whatever you wish.

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