A Click of the Wrist – Let It Snow

Amid the snow and slush of winter, It’s easy to feel as if You’re in the only place on earth dealing with cold, ice, and freezing winds. Here are astonishing pictures of wild weather?and its aftermath?from around the world that might make you feel a little better. Unless, of course, you live in one of these places.

Sky and Summit

Some amazing photos of an ice storm in Geneva, Switzerland. The storm was in 2005, but from the look of some of these cars, the ice might not have melted yet!

New England Winter Storm

These shots taken after a snowstorm in New England are truly beautiful?as long as You’re not the one doing the shovelling.

Digital Snow Museum

This site has it all. Some amazing winter storm photos and drawings from around the world, with some dating back to the 1700s!

Boston Snowstorm

Neat little time-lapse video of 10 hours during the course of a snowstorm. Most of the action takes place toward the end, but It’s interesting to watch the roads clear and fill and clear and fill?all at warp speed.

Floods in England

No ice in sight, but if the snowbanks are up to the top of your house right now, here’s what you can possibly expect in the spring.

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