A Great Combination: AUSU Provides Locks at Learning Centres

When students arrive to write their exams at the Calgary or Edmonton Learning Centres, they’re often surprised to find that all belongings?including valuables such as laptops?must be left outside the exam area. Until a couple of years ago, this wasn’t a problem: AU provided locks for securing valuables. But too often, students never returned the locks, and AU stopped providing the service.

Now, AUSU is providing locks for students to use at both the Calgary and Edmonton Learning Centres? exam units. These mini combination locks will be lent to students while writing exams, and are also available for sale through the AUSU online store.

The locks are just under 4 cm square, feature a metal body and cord, and allow users to set their own combination. At the great price of just $4 each, they’ll come in handy even after your exams are done!

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