Click On This – Listomania

I like to make lists. It started a long time ago with a little personal game a friend of mine was very fond of, and escalated bizarrely. Here, for your pleasure, are some collections of lists about all manner of things.

30 Things You Can Do With a Dollar

I’ve often wondered what people did with old army scrip. While some of these are amusing, and some worthy, I must warn you of a little use of strong or foul language. Read with caution.

The Odds

?Odds of getting hemorrhoids: 25 to 1.? Well okey-dokey then! (Note: I have no idea of the veracity of this list.)


Enjoy the lists of others, or submit your own.

The Best Accidental Discoveries

Number one on the list is Viagra. I know; You’re racing there to find out what it was someone was looking for when they figured out the miracle of the little blue pill.

The 555 List

It’s a collection of all the 555 telephone numbers you hear in films and on television. If you’ve got some that aren’t on the list, send ?em in!

Inappropriate Songs That People Play at Wedding Receptions

Give very careful thought to what your own DJ plays.