Click On This – Cover Up

I think one of the best things ever as a youth, was actually flipping through the racks of vinyl at a record store, a feeling that cannot be duplicated with bins of CDs. It was a large canvas, the album cover; home to colour, imagination, semi-naked humans, shaved fish (anyone who gets that reference without looking it up gets my unswerving respect?email me and let me know if you do!), and all manner of brash or subtle art. Today is an adventure in the good, the bad, and the terribly unfortunate in the world of album art.

Warning: It does take some of these pages a while to load, given how image heavy they are. Please be patient. Grab a drink. Get a snack. Weave a basket.

Recreate Your Favourite Album Cover in MS Paint

A program so bad It’s blocked from the memories of all right-thinking individuals, but when you need a little fun in your life . . .


MS Paint is not the only simplistic tool one can use to recreate the humble album cover. There is also LEGO.

Katastrofala Omslag

Believe me, you will not need the English language to appreciate the horrific cheesiness of these album covers. Oh baby, please, more exposed hairy 70s chest framed with scooped white collars. It’s so MASCULINE!

LP Cover Lover

So, just on the off chance that you get sent to the pokey, there’s an entire album of songs sung at San Quentin!


A compendium of the terrible and the terrific. There are some real beauties here?and in this case I mean that in a good way. Honest. No fakin?.

The Knockoff Project

Someone once said that imitation was the sincerest form of flattery. I do not think that person was fully caffeinated when they uttered that phrase.

Dodgy Albums

Some of them are a little offensive; some make me think that if I were on meds, I’d be upping my dosage. Warning: There are one or two here that may offend the more delicate amongst us. Please surf with caution.

Museum of Bad Album Covers

A truly mammoth collection of the worst album covers in the world . . . oh good lord, they’re right.