Slice of Life – AU Student Survives Bridal Boot Camp

Besides graduation, a wedding is one of the few times in life when all eyes are on you. The pressure for everything—including the bride—to be perfect can be intense. So when bride-to-be and AU student Sarah Whaley (now Kertcher) realized that both her wedding dress and time were running tight, it was time to get serious.

Luckily, the Slice network had a new show in the works, and it turned out to be a perfect fit. Bulging Brides pairs a nutritionist and trainer with a series of brides-to-be, helping them reach their weight-loss goals for the big day through exercise and healthy eating. Sarah’s segment, “Wedding in White,” first aired in January.

Now that the adventure of filming the show (and planning a wedding) are over, The Voice caught up with Sarah as she reflected on the experience.

How close was it to your wedding day before you decided you might need a helping hand for that perfect wedding-dress fit?

It was about two months before my wedding that I realized my dress wasn’t going to fit!

Did you have a regular fitness routine before you met with the trainer on Bulging Brides?

Although I have always been a very active person, I didn’t have a regular fitness routine. I had a gym membership that I paid my monthly dues on, but rarely went. Other than that it was mostly recreational sports (that often involved beers during or after!) that I participated in.

What made you think of using the television show to reach your weight-loss goals?

Well, I was watching TV one day when I saw a similar show and thought to myself that something like that could really work for me. Plus, I thought it might be fun to be on TV, and have my whole pre-wedding buildup on tape as a memory for me!

Have you ever had any previous experience on a television or radio program?

None. This whole process was new for me.

Were your friends and relatives surprised when you told them?

Yes and no. I’m pretty well known for doing crazy things like this, so in that sense my friends and family weren’t surprised. They were surprised, however, when I told them it was a weight loss-based show as many of them said that I didn’t need to lose weight.

What was the most surprising or unexpected experience you had while filming the show?

Well, much of the show was a surprise and unexpected. My show was actually the premiere episode of the series, so not only was it new for me, it was new for the crew and producers as well. There were a few instances where I didn’t know what I was going to be doing (the pole dancing after my stagette) and where I didn’t know there was going to be a camera there (my stagette).

There was also a time at the very beginning of the show where the trainers busted in on me during a dress fitting. I had no idea they were going to do that, nor had I met them in person yet, so that was quite the shocker!

During the weeks of filming, did you ever think of throwing in the towel?

I am a Taurus, so I’m naturally very strong willed and stubborn, so throwing in the towel never even crossed my mind! Aside from the fact that I had a dress that HAD to fit, I’m not a quitter, so although there were very difficult times I always made sure to persevere.

What was the toughest habit to change: exercise or nutrition?

Nutrition. By far nutrition! If I wasn’t so busy I’d exercise every day. However, sometimes life gets in the way. I am a junk food addict [and] so is my husband so It’s very hard to break that habit. I also have issues with portion control and stopping eating when I’m satisfied, opposed to completely stuffed, so definitely the nutrition was the hard part for me!

For readers who may not have seen the program, did you achieve your goal?

Not only did I reach my goal, I surpassed it! I lost 12 pounds and I think seven or eight inches in total.

Do you plan to incorporate any exercise and nutrition know-how you learned on the program into your daily routine?

Absolutely! Filming has now been over for nearly six months and I have been following the meal plan that they gave me. Although I don’t follow it to a T like I did during filming, I definitely use it as a guideline, and I think It’s definitely helped me to maintain my weight loss since the show.

What advice would you give to other soon-to-be brides who are trying to lose those last few pounds before the big day?

I would say by far the most important thing is to make sure that You’re eating healthfully. Planning a wedding is a stressful time in your life, and It’s very easy to put your health and nutrition on the back burner. Make sure that You’re eating according to the Canada Food Guide and you should be good. Also, take any time you can to fit in some exercise. Even if It’s just 10 minutes, not only will it help you be healthier physically, it will help you mentally as well. And, if all else fails . . . call the show!