Click On This – Benden Fold

It’s a deceptively simplistic art, creating such beauty from a little piece of paper; but there is so much more to it than might first appear. This week it’s a foray into the delicate world of origami?with a twist.

Brian’s Origami Page

A truly delightful collection of animal, insect, and other shapes to tempt your paper-folding urges.

Origami Star Folding

A vast resource dedicated to folding various kinds of paper stars.

Origami Bowl

The perfect thing to serve up a sweet treat in?and the best part is being able to choose just the colours you want.

Richard Sweeney

Not your everyday geometric origami.

Star Wars Origami

How could the Star Wars junkie in you resist this collection of designs?

Eric Joisel Origami

A collection of some incredibly complex paper arts.

Origami Tessellations

Offering a look into a broader spectrum than just traditional origami, this blog looks at geometry and art and their various relations.