AUSU Election 2008 – AUSU Members Elect New Council

The votes have been cast, the ballots have been counted, and the results are in! The 2008 AUSU elections were held March 9 to 12, and results were announced March 13.

The new AUSU council will be a dynamic mix of experience and fresh perspectives, with five returning councillors and four other councillors ready to step into their new roles.

With 78 candidates on the ballot, the voting was close?and in some cases, tied. None of the draws would have resulted in a runoff for position on council, however, and the CRO has completed the official count and the results have been posted on the AUSU website. As well, a special meeting was held March 13 via AUSU’s teleconference lines to announce the successful candidates.

AUSU members cast a total of 1,139 votes. (Since members could vote for up to nine council positions, this figure doesn’t reflect the number of voters.)

The incoming council members (in order of total votes received) are: Karl Low, Barb Rielly, Bethany Porter, Heather Fraser, Sarah Kertcher, Lonita Fraser (tied), Zil-E-Huma Lodhi (tied), Shaun Driscoll, and Emily Dukeshire. Congratulations!

The changeover from the current to the incoming council will take place by April 14.

After the new council has been working together for 30 days, an internal election will take place. Only councillors are eligible to vote, and they’ll select the new AUSU executive representatives: the President, VP External and Student Affairs, and VP Finance and Administration.

Another result of this year’s election has little to do with votes but everything to do with community: the unusually high number of candidates, and the resulting dialogue around the election, helped bring the efforts of council to the fore. The spirited discussions helped some AUSU members discover their students’ union, while others became more aware of the services available to them, and still others found new ways to get more involved in the AU community.

The new council is sure to bring a unique set of ideas and initiatives to AUSU members, as well as working on key projects already underway, such as complaint tracking, lobbying, and the online store. The Voice will be there to bring you all the highlights From the Gallery, but don’t forget that all members are welcome, and encouraged, to attend council meetings.

The Voice wishes all the best to outgoing councillors, with appreciation for their efforts on behalf of AUSU members. And to all returning and incoming councillors?congratulations!

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