Click On This – Mixmaster

In honour of a new mix of people on the students’ union, this week It’s a mixed bag of links. Hopefully they’ll be equally useful; and, if not, at least entertaining!

The Do It Yourself Giallo Generator

?A Glass Eye on the Velvet Tapestry: Directed by Stefano Giocomonte: An American priest finds a human torso which has been hacked up in the style of a killer who terrorized the neighborhood many years ago. An elderly journalist is unsatisfied with the official explanation of the murder; and after running afoul of the police investigation, he is on the verge of solving the mystery when he is killed by the real culprits: a secret society made up of the people he most trusted.?

Get A First Life

Like the tagline says: A one-page satire of Second Life . . . and It’s giggleable.

Alternate History Travel Guides

Dedicated to all those places we’ve dreamt might be, had things been just that little bit different.

The Map As History

This ?multimedia atlas of world history? allows you to pick and choose the pieces of information you want access to, and thereby create a customized collection of world history.

Famous Dreams

?Throughout history, artists, inventors, writers, and scientists have solved problems in their dreams,? and here are but a few.

Date From Hell

Oh . . . lord. Just hope you aren’t on there somewhere yourself.

Cultural Tattoos and Body Modification

After a look at this you might stop worrying quite so much about that nose ring your teen just got.

Gallery of Monster Toys

Suddenly I’m reminded of something called either Goofy Grime or Slime; it was green, slooshy, sticky, and looked not entirely unlike, well, you know. But boy was it fun!

The 80s Tarot

The sad thing is, it doesn’t actually exist . . . and I want it!