Click of the Wrist – Egg-zactly

It’s a sure sign that both Easter and warm weather are in the air when images of rabbits, eggs, and fluffy chicks start appearing everywhere. In the interest of all things spring-like?including weather, clothing, and moods?this week’s Click took a stroll on the sunny side, and discovered there’s more to these icons than pastel-coloured egg shells.

Egg Babies

Slightly disconcerting if you look at them long enough, but these miniature hand-sculpted infants in egg shells are remarkably realistic. Other versions include Miniature Babies and Shell Babies.

How to Cook an Egg with Two Cell Phones

I have absolutely no idea if this works, but the instructions are clear and the author seems sincere about this offbeat cooking method. However, we can’t be responsible if you start to glow in the dark after enjoying an egg salad sandwich prepared this way.

Rabbit Videos

Some truly amazing footage of rabbits. And who knew there was such a thing as the Danish Championships of Bunny Show Jumping? No kidding. This site has video of rabbits digging, eating, playing?and there’s even a video of a bunny fight being broken up by chickens.

House Rabbit Society

Everything you ever wanted to know?and more?about house rabbits. You can even learn how to litter-train your pet bunny. No funny videos, but lots of good information in case your kids received a live Easter surprise as a gift.

Chocolate Work

Chocolate, chocolate everywhere, including decadent sculptures. There’s even a white chocolate castle wedding cake. Mmm.

Chocolate Lovers Festival

If looking at chocolate on the Internet doesn’t satisfy your cravings, then the Chocolate Lovers? Festival might be what you need. Events include a Taste of Chocolate, a Chocolate Challenge arts extravaganza, and more. All you have to do is make your way to Fairfax, Virginia.

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