From Where I Sit – A Walk on the Dreamy Side

Two Saturdays in a row I was able to convince Roy to go with me to see the grand prize homes in two charity raffles. Because it was Saturday, the crowds were heavier than they would have been on a weekday afternoon. There were also far more children tramping through the million dollar homes. I would have preferred more time to examine the finishes, soak up the ambience, and check out the furnishings. But I was also glad to have Roy see the finer things in life and imagine us there.

I would be willing to give the big-city life a chance. Everything we need and want is in the bigger centres and we drive a helluva lot of miles getting to those products and services. Wouldn’t it be a kick to live where the action and the opportunities are and then just drive out to the farm to check on things periodically? I would be willing to give it a try.

Out of the four houses I’ve seen I’ve got favourites but would consider myself blessed to win any one of them. I’m thinking we could afford the utilities and property taxes. I’d be willing to try.

The 3,960 square foot Bach is the first prize?along with a Jaguar, a trip to London, and $25,000 cash?in the Hospital Foundation’s Full House Lottery. Would I love to own a house with a two-storey library with fireplace and custom bookshelves? Oh, yes.

Could I learn to love a walk-in closet bigger than our existing main bathroom? Oh, yes.

Could I learn to love the granite countertops, state-of-the-art appliances and flat-screen television sets, crown mouldings, ceramic tiles, multiple fireplaces and washrooms? Please, yes. Can I imagine a spot in the garage for the Honda and the Jag? It would be the first time in a lifetime for me.

don’t get me wrong. I am grateful each day for a home that is solid and safe and all paid for. I have used ingenuity and a creative eye to decorate it. It is both a sanctuary and a refuge from the madding world.

But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’d love a brand-new dream home at least once in my life. I was mentally converting the kids? rooms into something that would work for us: perhaps his and her offices and a guest room. I wondered about the neighbours. I noticed the size of the lot and the exposed aggregate driveway.

I even figured I could find my way back to Hope Road in Copperwood: just south on the Anthony Henday to 62 Avenue then left onto 199 Street and we’re almost home. I told the attendants I was a little choked that all these people were tramping through my house but I would overlook it for now.

I thought it was a good omen that the woman selling us the ticket was originally from Andrew. I’ll let you know about possession date. It’s the least I can do for fellow dreamers, from where I sit.