Click of the Wrist – Out With It

With winter finally over and spring weather on the way, everyone’s thoughts turn, naturally, to the great outdoors. Whether gardening, jogging, hiking, or soaking up the sun is your thing, It’s time to get outside and rediscover what was under all that snow?from top to bottom.

The Cloud Appreciation Society

Look up. Look way up. Since most of us have spent the last few months with our heads buried in our collars and our eyes on the icy ground, these photos of clouds that look like other things are a welcome sight.

Satellite Signal Imagery

Instead of looking up at the clouds, this site lets you look down. Use the map controls to navigate to your location, then switch to the satellite view. You might even be able to see your driveway.


There’s nothing more to be said, because these stunning photographs speak volumes. Incredible.

Atmospheric Optics

From mountain shadows to rainbows to moon bows (yes, moon bows), this site reveals the optical tricks the sky can play.

National Trust Gardens

If you find yourself craving the well-ordered paths of an English garden, check out these photos of famous National Trust greenery. I suddenly feel like having high tea.

George W Bush Garden Gnomes

And what’s a garden without a gnome? Especially one in the likeness of Dubya himself? You can even get a George W. Bush lumberjack garden gnome.

ABC of Mountain Biking

If gardens (and presidential gnomes) are too sedate for you, there’s nothing like some heavy-duty mountain biking to welcome the warm weather. Start with the basics, or book a biking getaway in Switzerland. It’s all here.

Caving Canada

If You’re daring enough, you’ll find all the info you need to start exploring Canada’s caves. Or just enjoy the photos from the comfort of your chair.