Click of the Wrist – How Very Sporting

The closest most of us get to being an Olympic athlete is the exercise of channel surfing between events. In the interests of all things athletic, here’s a look at the wide (and occasionally weird) world of sports.

Olympic Games

This list includes some truly hilarious remarks made by Olympic commentators and other sports-watchers, like this little gem: ?Well, either side could win, or it could be a draw.?

Sports Bloopers

This video collection features some Olympic athletes, and others whose athletic skills are far more dubious. Watch for the girl being vaulted through a basketball hoop; It’s even more amazing on the replay.

Beijing 2008

If you take your sporting events a little more seriously, here is the official website of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Everything you need to know, from the history of the Games to the current weather in Beijing.

Greatest Sports Moments of All Time

An amazing collection of historic moments in sports, with lots of great archival footage.

Weird Sports

A more comprehensive list than I could ever have dreamed up. Some real (and really odd) sports are Pooh Stick Racing (named after the bear, silly); sheep tackling; Korfball; and Chessboxing. The best is still Calvinball, though.

Superstitious Athletes

A pick of the 10 quirkiest habits of pro athletes.

Bizarre Baseball Injuries

Everyone knows that baseball can be a dangerous sport, but these injuries happened off the field. Note to aspiring pitchers: never iron your clothes while You’re wearing them.