AUSU This Month – Meet Your New Council. New Addition to Council Family

AUSU This Month – Meet Your New Council. New Addition to Council Family

Meet Your New Council

The AUSU Council and staff have added and updated their bio pages. If You’re curious about who these nine people are, you can go to our council page to find out more, or meet our Councillors in the AUSU chat room at the times announced on the front page of the AUSU website.

Also, on May 26, at 6:00 p.m. MST, the new AUSU Council will be having their first council meeting open to public attendance. See the people you elected in action. Contact or phone 1-800-788-9041, ext 3413 for details on how you can attend.

New Addition to Council Family

The VP Finance and Administration, Sarah Kertcher, was not able to participate in the most recent AUSU executive meeting, but her absence was understandable. The night before, Sarah had a baby boy by the name of Nathan Ross Kertcher. Nathan came into this world at 7 lbs. and 13 oz. AUSU sends its congratulations out to Nathan and his parents, and looks forward to the day when he’s an Active Member.

AUSU Merchandise for Sale

Due to a high demand for AUSU merchandise, and delays in setting up our online store, we have put together a quick catalogue with a few items we have in stock now.

You can download the catalogue in PDF from the link on our home page, or go to to see the catalogue online. Shipping costs will be calculated per order and we’ll let you know by phone or email.

We are only accepting credit card orders at this time, unless you are able to visit our Edmonton office. We are in the process of selecting more product of good quality and use for our members, and some of these should start to be available soon. Suggestions as to other products are welcome.

AUSU Lock Loan Program

If you take exams at the Calgary or Edmonton campus, you can participate in our Lock Loan Program. Under this program, you can borrow a lock to secure your stuff while you take your exam, then return it at no cost and with no deposit. If You’re not in Calgary or Edmonton, or would like to purchase a lock to keep, we are keeping the price close to our cost in the spirit of this program. However, to do this means we rely on you to return the borrowed locks, and to make sure the combination is reset to 0-0-0 when you do.

Employment Site Nearly Ready

Big news! AUSU has nearly completed the final testing of the new employment site developed in co-ordination with the Personnel Department. This site will be available to all of our members and their family or friends, and will help them to find employers looking for their skills.

Smart Draw ? Benefit for AUSU members

AUSU has purchased a licence agreement to supply the award-winning SmartDraw software to all AUSU members (current undergraduate students). To access this deal and find out more, visit the front page of our website.

SmartDraw allows you to create a wide range of graphics for your assignments and submit them electronically in a Word file. You can also place your graphics in Excel or PowerPoint files, or export them as TIF, GIF, or JPEG files to make a web graphic or even a logo. Just a few of the graphics you can make include Venn diagrams, genetics charts, graphs, organizational and flow charts, and Gantt charts.

For any course that requires charts that cannot be easily created in Word or Excel, this should be a real time saver and make it easier to submit all portions of an assignment by email. Remember, though, that you should always check with your tutor to find out if there is a specific format he or she prefers. Your tutor does not have to have SmartDraw to view these graphics, however.

Installations under this program are good for one year. The package includes both the Standard and Health Care editions of SmartDraw.

AUSU Handbook/Planner 2008 in stock!

The 2008 AUSU planner is still in stock. We’ve added a few enhancements this year, including cheat sheets for common citation styles, a clip-in page-marker ruler, and a funky fridge magnet to remind you to get your weekly dose of The Voice.

As always, we’re excited to know what you think of the planner.