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I’m a big fan of the odd, the strange, the bizarre, the weird, the kooky, the mad, and the just plain fun. Here, for your amusement, bemusement, and beguilement are odd things and others who can lead you to the strange things man dreams up and makes.


A master of finding what is cool, new, old, and most assuredly odd, near daily collections are presented on all manner of topics from hotel rooms to monuments to narrow houses to freaky animal life.

Fiendish Curiosities

These very clever and talented folks produce ?leading edge sideshow gaffs and abnormalities for exhibit in modern day odditoriums, touring grimoires, or nestled comfortably in one’s own bizarre cabinet of genetic anomolies.? Perhaps, if you’ve been a little late with that Mother’s Day gift . . .

Living Tables

If You’re the sort who likes to eat alone, this may not be for you; but if you just happen to be alone for some reason not of personal preference, then you don’t actually have to stay that way?your table will talk back to you, in character too!

Top Ten Craziest Science Stuff

. . . and in some cases may not want to know. Remember before you look, you can’t unknow something.

Seven Strange Lucky Charms

Vulture heads? I think I’ll stick with crossing my toes.

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