From Where I Sit – Packing for Pleasure

Several months ago, when we booked a week at a Manitoba resort for late May, we made some assumptions. I know what You’re thinking: Manitoba resort?who’s she kidding?

Promotional materials promise hiking trails, water sports, golf, horseback riding, pools, on-site spa, and much more. we’ll see.

We believed spring seeding would be done. And it was. We assumed making the 10-hour drive would be great with the Honda CR-V. No need to rush, no worry about car trouble. Crank up the tunes and hit the open road. We didn’t know fuel would be nearing $1.30 a litre.

This trip was to be a getaway to celebrate our 35th anniversary. It would have been about two and a half months early but hey, there’s haying to be done in August. It now appears Roy can’t go because he has to work. He’s breaking into the asphalt and gravel hauling business and needs to be available when the jobs finally start.

One part of me is obviously disappointed. Call me crazy, but an anniversary getaway generally requires two people. And Roy needs the break as much as or more than I do. Chiselling out time to relax is never easy, especially when farming.

But part of me is tickled pink at the thought of a relaxing drive and a week all to myself. Once it became obvious I would be going it alone, I started thinking of the possibilities and began list-making. I wanted to stay open to doing whatever moves me but I also needed to build some structure into the equation too.

I’m finding the anticipation of a trip is nearly as delicious as the excursion itself. I’m packing for pleasure.

Packing favourite CDs for a solo trip means not having to defend my choices to anyone. I’ve got a small, wheeled suitcase for some books awaiting my attention. I intend to do some journaling. There’s nothing like self-imposed solitude to clear the cobwebs; realign priorities; hear the still, small voice inside; and just chill.

It’s another great opportunity to see firsthand how I function on my own. Ultimately, we’re all in this alone, so embrace it.

I’m packing a pedometer, exercise gear, comfort food, scented candles, and favourite talismans. I have a new game for my Nintendo DS that I’m itching to get into: crosswords, word find, and anagrams. Some comfy lounging clothing will make the nights cosier as will the in-suite fireplace. Ideally, I’ll achieve a healthy mix of activity and sloth, inspiration and relaxation.

Can you imagine if a person ate when she was hungry, slept when she was tired, and exercised for the sheer pleasure of it? What about the joy of just reading and writing and staring into space if That’s what feels right? That’s why I’m filled with anticipation at the possibilities. I’m enjoying the packing and the promise of a week away. We really need to do this more often, from where I sit.