Click of the Wrist – Plenty of Sole

Last week we looked at some of the marvels connected to the human hand. This week, It’s time to give those other hard-working appendages their due. Whether we’re walking, dancing, or winning the 100-metre Olympic dash, our feet are the oft-neglected support that carries us through life.

Bata Shoe Museum

Even if you can’t get to the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto, their online exhibits allow you to explore the fascinating history of footwear, with a focus on some of Canada’s earliest inhabitants and the latest design competition.

Virtual Shoe Museum

This site lets you find exactly what You’re looking for. Admire the beautiful and bizarre footwork of modern designers, searching by colour, material, focus, designer, and more. There are even edible shoes!

Podiatry Channel

Everything you wanted to know about the human foot?and more. Who knew that one-quarter of the bones in the human body are in our feet?

Evolution of Dance

Okay, so it only goes back as far as the ?70s, but this one-man time capsule of some of the worst popular dance styles is pretty funny?especially if you can remember hitting the dance floor with some of these cringe-worthy moves.

Marathon History

A history of some of the incredible lengths our feet can carry us to.