Click On This – No Sense Makes Sense

So, most days you wake up, you work, you play, you learn, you relax, you sleep to do it all again on the morrow, and you think the universe?at least your part of it?is more or less figurable. You think you’ve got things sorted, and you think you know what’s going on. Then you hit the Internet, and everything changes.

Bonus points for anyone who knows what film I stole the title of this list from.

Weebl and Bob

Well, okay, it makes sense to me, but I’m not quite right, y?know? If You’re going to watch more Weebl and Bob episodes, I suggest you start at the beginning, or you’ll miss sooo much. ?Now pie gone. Yet we hunger.?


didn’t anyone tell you that if you make a face like that and the wind changes your face will stick that way?

Feed the Head

I bet you’d like me to explain this to you. Well, sorry?not gonna.


Click on one of the larger letter circles to choose a musical style, then either use your keyboard to type the letters in the middle or roll your mouse over it to make the pipe cleaner dance. I recommend letters A and E.

Legos Run

How could I, a big sucker for Logan’s Run, pass this up? I could not!