Click of the Wrist – The Graduate

On countless campuses, graduates from 19 to 90 are donning their robes and receiving those long-awaited parchments. In honour of the class of 2008, here are a few observations on life’s educational journey.

Conan O?Brien’s Harvard Graduation Speech

The Late Night funnyman offers his own unique take on life and learning to Harvard’s class of 2000.

Graduation Quotations

If you haven’t crossed the stage yet and are looking for some inspirational words for your grad speech, look no further.

Funny Graduation Speeches

This is a great collection of graduation speeches from the likes of Will Ferrell, Steven Colbert, Jon Stewart, and even Ali G. If You’re in the mood for something serious, you can even check out Steve Jobs’s address to Harvard’s class of 2005.

Oldest Graduate

If it feels like the end of your degree will never be in sight, here’s a little inspiration from Australian Phyllis Turner?who earned her master’s in Medical Science at 94.

Dancing 2008

What does this have to do with graduation? Absolutely nothing?except maybe as a reminder that the whole world is out there waiting.