Click of the Wrist – Wasting Away

Computers and all those other electronic gizmos are supposed to increase efficiency, helping us get more done while making our days go smoothly. As this week’s column proves, the Internet can certainly make spending a day at the office more enjoyable?although maybe not so efficient. Here are some wonderful time wasters to while away those hours in the cubicle.

Falling Sand Game

The possibilities of this mesmerizing little game are endless! Build cities, make random patterns?anything you like with a click of the mouse and your imagination. Just make sure you scroll all the way down to find other neat tools like water, fire, and spouts.

Stuff on My Cat

The purpose is to put stuff on your cat, take a picture, and send it in. Apparently, there are many, many people with that much time on their hands?categories include food on my cat, gadgets on my cat, clothes on my cat, and there’s even a sister site: Stuff on My Dog.

Magnetic Letters

You know those little magnetic letters you can stick on your fridge? Well, how about trying to spell something while other people are playing with them at the same time? You can sit and watch messages from other users or grab some letters and try it yourself!

Draw a House

Not only can you draw a house, you can even put it on a street?then name it and get friends to build their own houses on your street!

String Spinner

There’s a more complicated version of this game, but this one’s a great place to start. Draw a few simple lines, then click on the Spin Your Strings button and watch incredibly complex patterns emerge.