Around AU – AU Graduate Students Association Announces New Council

Around AU – AU Graduate Students Association Announces New Council

For many, the process of completing their first undergrad degree can feel a little like being lost in a maze: navigating program requirements, filling out registration and funding forms, keeping track of assignment and exam schedules.

And just when it looks like academic life is all figured out, there’s the whole new set of challenges that come with pursuing a master’s degree.

At Athabasca University, though, the recent AU Graduate Students’ Association (AUGSA) election means those challenges will be that much easier to navigate?the AUGSA has just announced its new council, and their first meeting is scheduled for September 3.

The new councillors are Mary Ratensperger, Rose Mary Craig, Daniel Bzdel, Cynthia Amerongen, David Keene, Rob Janzen, Robbie Chernish, Michael T. Balaski, and Ron Jagmohan.

The elections mark a key stage in the Association’s development, and as the AUGSA website says, the new council ?is excited to continue developing the policies, services, and benefits for Athabasca University’s Graduate Students.?

Councillor bios are available on the website, and It’s easy to see the invaluable experience the new councillors bring to their roles.

They have experience in fields as diverse as nursing, education administration, finance, systems engineering and more. Some have completed a large portion of their master’s program, while others are just beginning.

All share an enthusiasm for advocating on behalf of AU’s graduate students, though, a commitment that one councillor’s bio sums up well: ?It will be my honour and pleasure to sit on the inaugural Athabasca University Graduate Students’ Association.?

To find out more about AU’s graduate degree programs and courses, visit the online calendar here.