Click of the Wrist – At the Post

In spite of all the communication tools at our fingertips, there’s still something uniquely exciting about receiving an official-looking envelope or brightly wrapped parcel in the mail. This week’s homage to all things postal celebrates the beautiful (stamps made of wood), the artistic (one-of-a-kind mailboxes), and the downright weird?including some things you should never, ever try to mail.

The Pony Express

For a service that endured a mere 19 months, the Pony Express has lasted much longer in public sentiment, holding its own as a legend of the American West. Maybe the modern postal service could follow its cue: in spite of the hazards faced by riders, only one mail delivery was ever lost.

Strange Mailboxes

Tons of photos of strange, artistic, and just plain interesting mailboxes from around the world. Planes, trains, automobiles and . . . leprechauns?

Picture Postage

Forget about personalized mugs or T-shirts?why not show the world your smile with personalized postage stamps?

Postal Experiments

A feather duster, a tooth, a rose?all these unwrapped items (and more) made it through the United States Postal Service relatively unscathed. But your inflated helium balloon won’t be accepted.

Eight Unusual Postal Stamps

Who knew there are embroidered stamps, stamps made of wood, stamps containing CDs, and even more postage oddities? Just don’t try licking the ones that contain meteorite dust.

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