From Where I Sit – Diamonds Are Forever

August 11 marked our 35th anniversary. Did I mention I was a child bride? (How else could it possibly be true?)

For our 20th, we rented a country hall and treated friends and family to a party. For our 25th I wanted a gazebo. It never happened. The day before our 29th, our son was married.

About a week ago Roy announced that he wanted to buy me a ring for our anniversary. I’m proud to say that I didn’t fight him on it; didn’t ask if we could afford it, didn’t ask how we’d pay for it. I was touched by the sentiment, and besides, what self-respecting girl doesn’t love bling?

Two years ago I lost the centre diamond and setting out of my 36-year-old engagement set. It wasn’t insured. About a year ago we bought a lovely white gold band with 14 diamonds and a rather unique design at Ben Moss That’s gotten me compliments from friends and strangers. I love that ring.

The original rings were a lovely, multi-diamond set from People’s Jewellers and set Roy back between three and four hundred dollars?1972 dollars. There are still three- and four-hundred dollar sets out there but our budget has grown with the times.

After some initial Internet research Roy and I went ring shopping the other night. Goodness, there’s a world of choices out there.

I like to think we’re a bit more savvy this time around. we’re paying attention to more than total carat weight. we’re looking at clarity ratings (the fewer inclusions or flaws, the more desirable and expensive the stone). we’re looking at colour (the closer to colourless, the more desirable and expensive the stone).

I’ve been leaning toward the emerald- or square-cut rings because I think they’re trendier looking. Round cuts are so 1970s. Of course, it must be white gold or platinum and look like it belongs right next to my existing band. And finally, of course, budget matters.

Call me crazy but I also need to like the salesperson. There’s that inexplicable vibe you pick up on that confirms You’re doing the right thing?or makes you want to run screaming from the store.

Last night I felt reassurance at one place, a lack of professionalism at another, a sort of greasy-salesman vibe at the third, and a ?don’t be afraid of (blank) financing ma?am? turnoff at another.

I tried a gorgeous ring (set with coveted Canadian diamonds) at a big box store. The appraisal certificate values the ring at a thousand dollars more than the purchase price. Who doesn’t want to get more for their money? But of course, downsizing can’t be done on-site. And would there be any after-sale service? What’s the real cost of another store’s lifetime diamond guarantee and free inspection and cleaning?

These are important questions for an important purchase. All of this research and trying on rocks is a dirty job but somebody’s gotta do it, from where I sit.

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