Click of the Wrist – Exercise in Curiosity

The Olympics are chock full of finely conditioned athletes, a remarkable display of the feats that can be achieved when the human form is at its peak. We can’t guarantee you a gold-medal physique, but this week’s list of unusual exercise equipment is definitely high on the curiosity scale.

Hawaii Chair

As the video says, this interesting little chair with a hula motor can ?increase your heart rate by over 200 per cent.? Guess It’s a good thing you’ll be sitting down when your cardio spikes through the roof, then.


Apparently, you can get a full-body workout while gripping the handles and spinning yourself sideways, backwards, and upside down. The bonus? Nausea is a great appetite suppressant.


What list of quirky exercise equipment would be complete without the ThighMaster? Hmm . . . she looks fit, but are the black leotard and high heels required workout gear?

Abs Surdity

Late-night TV is full of cheesy infomercials for equally cheesy equipment that promises rippling abdominal muscles. If You’re thinking of buying one of those electric ab belts, think again: as this tester sums up, ?It hurt?a lot.?

Jack Lalanne Face Workout

Okay, so there’s no equipment required, but this face workout by Jack Lalanne is sure to provide a chuckle. Just make sure nobody’s on the other end of your webcam before you start scrunching your face at the screen.

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