Click of the Wrist – On the Job

Last week, we took a look at some of the stranger aspects of education, that long, torturous journey That’s supposed to lead to a rewarding career. But the daily grind can hold some surprises too, especially if it involves one of these interesting jobs.

Worst Jobs in History

The BBC’s Channel 4 offers this lively look back at some of the worst jobs to be found throughout history on the sceptred isle. can’t think which would be worse: groom of the stool or leech collector.

Some Really Odd Jobs

Tired of cubicle life? Here’s a list of some truly unusual careers for the ambitious modern-day worker, from dress designer for Barbie clothes to painting artificial eyeballs.

On the Side

If the idea of a little extra cash appeals to you, there are plenty of perfectly legal side jobs for those willing to look beyond the nine to five. Just make sure you read the fine print before signing up to be a medical test subject.

50 Funniest Short Job Descriptions

Forget the job descriptions in recruitment ads. Here are the straight goods on jobs, condensed into single sentences, such as ?Make sure nothing ever happens: IT Security.?

Rags to Riches Billionaires

This Forbes slideshow just goes to prove that, even if you start out asking customers if they’d like fries with that, there’s no telling where a little hard work can get you.