Click of the Wrist – When In Rome

With all the airport security, travel advisories, and airline closures these days, vacations are getting more like work every day. If You’re thinking of journeying to far-off lands, here’s some interesting advice you won’t likely find in the average tourism brochure.

Odd Travel Guides

This Slate article offers up the 10 oddest travel guides ever published, including Bollocks to Alton Towers, a ?lyrical look at British eccentricity? that suggests such holiday marvels as the Cumberland Pencil Museum.

The 10 Worst London Tourist Attractions

Of course, any discussion about what makes for a great vacation is bound to be subjective, but this list sounds like it was written by someone who was forced to trudge through Madame Tussaud’s on one too many class field trips.

Worst Vacation Nightmares

Most of the holiday misadventures that happened to these folks were the result of natural events (as opposed to bad tour operators). But being misdiagnosed with cancer while on holiday would definitely make it a trip to remember.

Globetrotting Travel Tips

Some incredibly common-sense suggestions on travelling near and far?and you may even recognize yourself in the Airport Spot ?Em list.

Vacation Destinations of the Forbes 400

If You’re among the 400 richest people in the world, you’ve probably already got your own travel agency. Otherwise, dream on.