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On September 22, AUSU council met for their regular public meeting and it was clear that individual councillors (both new and returning) have quickly coalesced into an effective group.

One notable item early in the meeting should interest all of you who like your radio straight from the web. Council has put together an ad hoc Audio Visual Committee, led by councillor Lonita Fraser, and the group is looking at the possibility of creating an online AUSU radio station!

Planning is in the early stages, but watch for more updates here.

Another item that council continues to address is one That’s unique to AU’s distance format: with members spread far and wide, and no bricks-and-mortar hallways to post flyers in, how can AUSU let new members know about all the resources that are available to them?

Along with the online discussion forums, councillor chat times, and public council meetings, there’s another project underway: a monthly student orientation call-in. These drop-in meetings will be held the last day of each month at 5:30 pm MST, and the first session is scheduled for this coming Tuesday, September 30. Meetings will last one hour, though this may be adjusted based on member feedback. Councillors and staff will be on hand to answer questions for new students and existing members alike, and these call-in orientation sessions should be a great way for new AU students to find their way around the virtual campus.

One issue that may affect students in the Edmonton area is the recent discussion at AU about the possibility of relocating the Edmonton Learning Centre outside metropolitan Edmonton. The idea is still very much in the discussion stage, but AUSU council will be preparing a position policy on the subject, noting that things such as transit availability, exam costs, and other invigilation options must all be looked at carefully.

And if You’re curious to know what council thinks about some other important issues, you can check out their position policies here (just scroll down to section 9.0).

In other council news, the Awards Committee has been keeping busy. The committee recently approved three computer bursaries and three emergency bursaries, and is working on creating a Returning Student award (you can find application forms and information about existing AUSU bursaries and awards here).

As well, new councillor Bethany Porter has assumed the role of Awards Committee rep, and thanked Barb Rielly for all the hard work She’s devoted to the role.

Last but not least, you can rest easy if your AUSU 2008 planner is looking well worn: the 2009 edition of this very popular item is already in the works, and will include some new content based on student feedback.

The next public council meeting will be held Monday, November 17, so watch the AUSU website calendar for details. See you there, from the gallery!

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