Click of the Wrist – High Finance

With all the crashing going on in the world of finance lately, It’s hard to hear the ring of cash registers. And for most consumers, It’s nearly impossible to understand all the ins and outs of Wall Street. To help ease the eyestrain of staring at all that fine print, here’s a slightly skewed look at the world of finance.

Secret History of the Credit Card

This Frontline report offers a fascinating peek behind the scenes of all that convenient plastic?including the fact that if you pay all your bills on time, the industry considers you a deadbeat.

History of Banking

If You’re tired of paying high interest rates at the bank, just be glad you weren’t one of those 16th century borrowers paying back the emperor?at rates of up to 45 per cent!

Notorious Bank Robbers

A look at some of the most notorious bank robbers in United States? history. Most of their names have become legend, but their sad endings prove the old adage that crime doesn’t pay.

International Currency Map

This interactive map lets you click on any country in the world to see what type of money they use. Now I just need to figure out how many Rupiahs one Maloti is worth.

Credit Crunch Billionaires

If You’re worried about your portfolio as world financial markets stagger, just imagine how some of these guys feel. They may be rich, but losing more than a billion dollars still has to hurt.

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