Education News – Website hatches graduate careers connects students with corporations

WATERLOO (CUP) ? Like many students graduating from university, Lauren Friese found herself facing the daunting challenge of finding a meaningful career.

Instead of being overwhelmed, Friese embraced this prospect and is now the founder and president of Talent Egg?a career hub for students looking for meaningful entry-level careers, summer jobs, or co-op opportunities.

?I had no idea how to get a job after university without having a connection. I didn’t feel like I was given any direction at university,? said Friese. ?It was a common problem.?

After graduating with an arts degree in economics from Queen’s University in Toronto, then moving to London, England to get her master’s degree, Friese noticed that the UK boasted ?all sorts of websites that could help students move into the workforce.?

?I thought I could bring this model home,? she said.

Friese’s realization of this idea came in the form of Talent Egg. Unlike other job-search sites, Talent Egg has a distinct focus on finding users a career with a company they are excited about.

?The core difference is the focus on a career?your first career out of university,? said Friese. ?Talent Egg is for your first role after graduation, or a meaningful summer job. We are focused on the company, and the culture of the company, rather than a specific job. Top employers, top opportunities?not just jobs.?

Without any solid job connections, it can be extremely difficult to secure an interview with a company that you may be interested in working for. Talent Egg is about promoting your soft skills, and translating these as assets to potential employers.

The website allows you to create a ?talent card? that will show potential employers your top life experience, your top academic experience, the career areas you are interested in, the core skills you possess, and your references.
With a talent card, you are able to seek out potential employers, and employers are able to send you personalized e-mails.

?My personal belief is that [if] resum├ęs when coming out of university are focused on the wrong thing, they can take your focus away from core skills and what you can really bring to the role,? said Friese.

Friese is passionate about Talent Egg being an outlet where ?students can express themselves and say what life experiences they have had that would make them good candidates for a job.?

An arts student herself, Friese is a shining example of the value of soft skills obtained with an arts degree.

?I want arts students to know that there is a place that they will be seen as meaningful candidates,? she said. ?Intelligence, not knowledge; that is my personal passion in this project. I don’t have a business degree and I am running a business.?

Talent Egg has a roster of about 85 employers. This number is growing by roughly two companies a day.