From Where I Sit – Best Bet

Well, my lovelies, It’s time for another potpourri of disparate thoughts on people, places, and things. Fragments that will never grow up to be whole columns. Mini rants that let me spew without bursting a blood vessel. A collection of thoughts that reflect just how frenetic and mind-blowing are the daily stimuli bombarding us.

Despite the foxiness of Sarah Palin’s glasses, She’s not ready for the world stage. If 72-year-old John McCain is elected and dies during his term she goes from arm candy to numero uno. I didn’t know the White House offered a training program; I thought you needed to bring something to the table. But hey, what do I know?

Today’s evening news spotlighted some guy who spray-painted his initials and some symbol on three Edmonton storefronts. Sorry, TKM?if you want your name on a building or three you’ve gotta do it the old-fashioned way like The Donald did. don’t be a jackass vandal, be a property developer.

The Divine Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom I heard in church on Sunday asks for prayers for the government and armed forces. I find it incredible that centuries after this document was created we are still praying for peace but acknowledging that the armed forces need our prayers as well. War is as old as mankind and not likely to end in 2011.

No reasonable person can support the concept of war but we must continue to support our troops through prayer, awareness raising, conversation, yellow ribbons, and gratitude.

The outcome of the election in our federal riding is a foregone conclusion in which Leon Benoit, PC, will be re-elected. As such, It’s not easy to get amped-up about getting to the polls and marking the big X.

I watch and read election coverage on the national and provincial stage and am alternately dismayed and amused. There are the tried-and-true campaign tricks of mudslinging, big ticket announcements, photo ops, and what seem like hourly opinion polls.

This amuses me because I’ve seen it all before. The cynicism and mindset of Canadians (especially Albertans) will keep voters home in record numbers and that dismays me. The sad part is that those aforementioned armed forces are dying for our right to vote and still some of us can’t get our asses off couches or bleachers to do the right thing. Shame on us.

Could it be my decision to finally get into the stock market that precipitated the biggest crash since September 11? don’t know, just asking. Coincidence, perhaps? It’ll be easy to buy low, I guess, with stock prices dropping like stones. There’s certainly a lot of hand-wringing and ink being spilled on this story and it ain’t over yet.

The best bet is to respect property, pray, vote, buy low, and send Sarah home, from where I sit.