Click of the Wrist – Futurama

These days, it seems like everyone’s predicting the future: the political pundits before the Canadian election; those trying to call the upcoming US election; and the analysts trying to foretell the economic tide. But at the rate that political polls and spreadsheets change, these methods may work just as well.

Tarot History

This colourful site offers a look at 500 years of Tarot history, along with links to other sites explaining the cards. Even if you don’t believe in them, the artwork alone is worth taking a look.

Magic 8 Ball

Straight from Mattel, this online Magic 8 Ball will answer all your questions. Nobody said anything about accuracy, but it will answer them.

Web Ouija

Learn the history of the Ouija board and check out the photo gallery of boards dating all the way back to 1891. There’s even an online version you can try. Just type your question and see what the Ouija reveals.

Online Crystal Ball

Think of a question and click on the crystal ball. The answers are cryptic enough to let you interpret them just about any way you want, but the site does get points for cool sound effects.


This Nova site gives a brief history of these ancient Viking symbols, used for everything from communication to divination. You can even spell your name in Runes.

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