Click of the Wrist – Dinosaurs!

This week, it was announced that researchers had discovered a ?dinosaur dance floor? in Utah, a site packed with over a thousand prehistoric animal tracks. In honour of those 190-million-year-old party animals, here’s a look at the always fascinating world of Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Dinosaur Planet

It’s only animation, but this very cool video of a velociraptor’s struggle for survival is probably too scary for younger children.

Top 12 Dinosaur Finds

Newsroom staffers at Discovery Channel Canada offer their picks for the top 12 dinosaur finds of all time. There’s a lot to discover here, with each of the top picks linked to interesting articles and videos.

Dinosaur Central

This Discovery Channel site has it all: video, slideshows, articles, and games. I never knew there were dinosaurs called entelodonts, but after checking out their picture I’m glad these prehistoric, seven-foot-tall scavengers are extinct today!

Attack of the Dinosaur

This video clip from a BBC series offers an intriguing look of how things may have been when a T. Rex mother went hunting for food.

Dino Dig

Strictly for the little ones, this TVO site lets kids go on a virtual dinosaur dig around the world, from Alberta to Mongolia and points in between. They can keep track of how many fossils they’ve discovered and work their way up from a junior palaeontologist to a pro.

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