Click of the Wrist – Let It Snow

we’re barely past Halloween, but snow has already started falling and shovels and mittens have hit the store shelves. Winter isn’t all bad, though, as this look at the beauty of the season proves.

Canadian Snow Sculpture Team

Who knew there was a Canadian snow-sculpting team?or even an international organization, the Association Internationale de Sculpture sur Neige et Glace? Not me, but their incredible work speaks for itself.

Vermont Snows

Here’s a collection of photo galleries from ice-sculpting shows in the US.

Harbin Snow Sculpture Art Fair

Now these are some truly amazing works of art, seen at the 19th Annual China Harbin Sun Island festival in (where else?) Harbin, China. The festival was staged as part of a co-operative effort with Montreal, and these snow sculptures have to be seen to be believed.

Main Street Meltdown

Here’s an interesting take on the current financial crisis. Artists created an ice-sculpture in the shape of the word ?economy??then photographed it as it did a slow meltdown in the middle of Manhattan’s financial district.

The Snowflake

According to National Geographic News, the tiny snowflake is ?winter’s secret beauty.? That’s not exactly what I’m thinking as I scrape them off my windshield by the millions, but these photos of the fragile crystals are remarkable.