Click of the Wrist – Home Sweet Home

This week, US president-elect Barack Obama took a tour of his new home, the White House. Most of us may never get a glimpse inside our countries? halls of power, so here’s the next best thing: a virtual tour online.

The White House

This 360-degree tour of the White House takes you into the Blue Room, the Oval Office, the Map Room, and more. Just don’t get too comfortable in the State Dining Room?you probably won’t be asked to stay for dinner.

Number 10

The Americans might quibble with this site’s claim that Number 10 Downing Street, home to Great Britain’s prime minister, is ?the most famous front door in the world.? The site does have a cool interactive feature, though: you can click on numbered items inside Number 10 to find out a little more about the history behind them.

Rideau Hall

Not quite as flashy as the Brits? site, this virtual tour of the official residence of Canada’s governor general still boasts some great visuals and interesting tidbits. And the designers have done a great job converting the tennis court into the Tent Room.


The Kantei is the official residence of the prime minister of Japan, and this site offers great videos as well as a photographic tour.

Horodetsky House

Horodetsky House in Ukraine, built in 1903, has been President Victor Yushchenko’s official residence since 2005. It’s one thing to read about the ?mermaids, dolphins and frogs on the roof, sinking ships and hunting trophies on the exterior walls,? but click on the slideshow link and you’ll be amazed at the detail.