Click of the Wrist – Putting on the Ritz

The newly opened Dubai Atlantis resort is reported to have cost $1.5 billion dollars to create, and one of its luxury three-bedroom, three-bathroom suites (complete with 18-seat dining table) is yours for just $25,000 a night. It isn’t the only opulent getaway around, though, so shelve your credit crunch woes and check out the view from some of the world’s richest resorts.

Dubai Atlantis

Billed as ?a magnificent, oceanic tribute to a mythological age,? The Palm Atlantis is luxury personified. Not everyone is impressed, though, including animal rights activists who objected to the capture of a rare whale-shark for one of the resort’s displays.

Ritz Paris

If You’re going to stay at a Ritz hotel, why not choose the City of Lights? With an average of three hotel staff taking care of each room, any one of the luxury accommodations should do fine. I’m rather fond of the Hemingway suite, myself.

Amanpuri Phuket

Surrounded by the waters of the Andaman Sea, the Amanpuri (on the west coast of Phuket, Thailand) offers private pavilions connected by elevated walkways. If the partial ocean view and coconut palms aren’t enough, though, you can always choose a six-bedroom villa with private pool.

Necker Island

This 74-acre tropical paradise is on Sir Richard Branson’s private island. Choose to stay in the main house or one of the secluded Bali Houses. The island may be a little hard to get to, but don’t worry?the private launch will complete your journey in style.

Fairmont Chateau

There may not be an ocean view from the Fairmont, but this luxury getaway on Canada’s own Lake Louise gets top marks for privacy. The Gold Floor, a ?hotel within a hotel,? features an exclusive lounge with private check-in and a dedicated concierge. They’ll even take care of your dinner reservations.